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Many of the Common services we provide:


*Complete Backup Solution (Backup Disaster and Recover BUDR) With backup being something most already have, one must ask a few questions of their current backup solution.

  • Is your data encrypted before it leaves your machine? Don't get confused with the "encrypted in transit", that is only a second layer.  Most online services DO NOT ENCRYPT YOUR DATA before it leaves your machine.
  • Where is your data stored? Can employees of the data warehouse access it?
  • Say there was a cyber or physical breach, is the backed up data available for the criminal(s) to steal?
  • Is your solution backing up just files? In the event your hard drive fails, do you have all of the software required to get you up and running?

With security at the root of our services, our backup solution is guaranteed to out perform competitors. We are not offering a re-sold service (like many in this field). We offer a straightforward monitored solution WITHOUT an ongoing cost.

Our backup solution applies to both Desktop/Laptops and Servers.

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*Remote Access - Custom VPN implementations with TWO FACTOR authentication - Remote Desktop - Existing solution audits
With remote access to your system(s) being something of the "norm", how secure is your solution? We specialize in implementing SECURE, VPN solutions without the crazy costs. SSL based VPN licensing is extreme (based on competition). Our SSL VPN solution comes with the added two factor authentication (implementation optional). Our solution is compatible with APPLE/ANDROID/WINDOWS and LINUX. Did you know that a VPN is the BEST way to protect your online communication when traveling or using a public hotspot?
*Hardware Repair
Laptop LCD/LED replacement, do you have a cracked laptop screen? Has your laptop stopped charging? Is your power connection on your laptop "loose"?
*Operating System Install / Fresh Install / Migration / Hard Drive and SSD Replacements
Looking to upgrade to the latest Operating System? Fresh install for a computer just so bogged down? New hard drive, going to a Solid State Drive? We will perform a backup of your working system before performing any install or migration, we then restore the backup and any software leaving you with a perfectly running and secured system.
*Data Security (Encryption) for your Laptop/Desktop/Servers
Laptops get lost or stolen every day, without FULL DISC ENCRYPTION anyone can pull the hard drive and take a peak at ALL of the information stored on the computer, including emails, documents, etc. Worse, anyone can reset the Windows login password and log in as you, as if it was you, they can browse your SAVED PASSSWORDS for various online websites. PREVENT THIS! With our encryption implementation, your hard drive is useless to anyone not posessing the "key".


*Malicious Software Removal with Preventative Measures
We will detect and remove any unwanted software then make sure security measures are in place to aid in preventing another "infection".


*New System Setup/Installation
We will setup your new system with hardware (Printers, Cameras, etc.), if upgrading from an older computer we can move various items over to the new system including your bookmarks, photos, music, email accounts, documents, software, and much more.  


dirtyfan*Hardware Device installation or Troubleshoot including DSL/Cable Internet Devices
Installation of printers, scanners, all in one devices, network storage devices, security appliances, switches, wireless devices, troubleshoot in place routers (wireless/wired), etc.


*Secured Wireless Network Setup or Troubleshoot
Setup a secured wireless network in your home or office also adding all necessary computers/devices to the wireless network.   

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*Wired Network Setup or Troubleshoot
Setup or troubleshoot an existing LAN infrastructure including Gateways, Switches, Intrusion Prevention Systems.
*Preventative Maintenance / System Audit / PC Tune-up
Systems checkup with preventative maintenance. Address and resolve any issues discovered while educating the user on how to keep "in tune".

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*Data Recovery Services
We can attempt data recovery from various mediums, if we are unable to recover the specific data requested there is not a charge for this service.  

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*Mobile Device Support/Setup
Cell phones, smart-phones, netbooks, tablets, etc. 

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*Custom Scripts / Programs / Templates
We can create custom programs or scripts for a variety of needs or automation. Please inquire for a further explanation of this service type. 

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Need to speed up your skills, need new skills? 

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*** We provide many more specific services not listed here..please contact us with your questions.

ALL Services provided by High Desert Technology are GUARANTEED, Customer Satisfaction and Support are a Priority at High Desert Technology.

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