Microsoft Remote Desktop for Tablets RELEASED

Many of our clients are using Remote Desktop in some form, while there are several 3rd party applications for iOS and ANDROID for this purpose, the utility released by Microsoft is second to none and is FREE! With that stated majority of our clients can enjoy their stationary desktop/laptop with the compatible VPN Client software. Our custom VPN implementations also come with FREE client software for both iOS and ANDROID.



On the iPhone and Android version (for phones) it's a little tricky to navigate the desktop on such a small screen. The iOS and Android versions also support iPads and Android tablets, and it's a lot more useful controlling a PC from a tablet. Microsoft has built in options to scroll around a machine at its native resolution as well as an onscreen keyboard with buttons to trigger function, shift, ctrl, alt, esc, tab, and even the Windows key.

While these apps are mainly designed for business users who want to quickly remote back to their PC, they'll come in useful for enthusiasts who want to access Windows PCs natively on the go.

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