Business's Requesting and Storing Your Information

It seems everywhere you go to purchase something whether online or onsite, there is a request for your personal information. While some information such as your payment details are obviously required (unless paying cash), much of the requested information is not.  Many business's use this information to keep you informed of store sales etc.  While it is nice to stay "informed" on any potential money savings, much of the information requested has nothing to do with keeping you informed. Data is big business, the more accurate data a business has, the more it is worth. It is surprising that most people give this information up without question, all under the guise that you will save money.  Do you get a lot of junk mail? How about email spam? You can blame your willingness to provide your information without question.

Many small business's are venturing into email campaigns etc, with no intention of spamming you or "selling" your information, they simply want to better their bottom line.  Many larger business's have ventured into data brokering, buying and selling your information. It is one thing to simply provide an email address, but your phone number, your physical address, your full name?  

With all of the data breaches or "hacks" occurring (large company breaches), one must question small business's. Many small business's do not have a dedicated IT team or professional, but instead a DIY (do it yourself type) which opens the door for all kinds of problems. Of course many small business's do not have a budget to dedicate towards their IT infrastructure, they have gone this long, why start. One example of a small local business we dealt with fell victim to a "virus" which gave the perpetuator unfettered access to confidential customer information. This small business has been in business for many years with a lot of confidential customer information