Google plugs 13 security holes -3rd party updates

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Google has yet again updated its Chrome browser, this time fixing 13 vulnerabilities, including two critical and nine high-risk flaws.

The critical flaws plugged in Chrome version 19.0.1084.52 for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux are a browser memory corruption with websockets over SSL and a use-after-free in the browser cache.

The high-risk flaws in Chrome fixed by Google include crashes in v8 garbage collection, use-after-free in first-letter handling, crashes in the plug-in JavaScript binds, out-of-bounds writes in PDF, use-after-free with invalid encrypted PDF, invalid cast with colorspace handling in PDF, buffer overflows with PDF functions, and type corruption in v 8. One was a Linux-only problem: bad cast in GTK UI.

Google doled out an uninspiring $4,837 in bug bounties, including $1,337 to “efbiaiinzinz” for help with the critical browser cache flaw, $1,000 to miaubiz, $1,500 to Christian Holler, and $1,000 to Micha Bartholomé.

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